Our Services

Therapeutic Campus Care

These programs are offered in the cottages on both our Bowness and Parkdale campuses and include 24/7 intensive mental health services provided by inter-professional teams. Therapeutic Campus Care includes follow-up services, day treatment for clients living off campus, and educational services at George Wood Learning Centre.

Therapeutic Campus-Based Care

Our Therapeutic Campus-Based Care programs are comprised of 24/7 intensive mental health services provided by a comprehensive inter-professional team, and include academic, family and clinician supports, and On The Way Home and Day Treatment services. 

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Exceptional Needs

A two week, 30-day, live-in crisis treatment program for youth who present with complicated mental health needs.

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Short-term intensive treatment and counselling in a live-in program for children under 12 with severe behavioural challenges.

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An intensive, campus-based treatment program for youth who present with sexually abusive behaviours and their families. 

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George Wood Learning Centre

Specialized learning for young people in residence on our Bowness campus.

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Community Psychiatric Unit

Short-term care for clients focused on the management and stabilization of acute mental health needs.

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Whole Family Treatment Program

An intensive, 10-month program with a short-term, on-site residency stay for families living with a child's mental health concern. Available for families from across Canada.

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Youth Community Support Program

The Youth Community Support Program (YCSP) provides a step-down service for youth and their families who are exiting acute inpatient mental health settings or formal treatment environments.

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Mobilization Services

Wood’s Homes Therapeutic Campus-Based Care Services (TCBC) provide a trauma-informed therapeutic milieu for clients ages 6-17. TCBC aims to support optimal developmental outcomes and reintegration of young people within their family, a community family setting or a less-restrictive care environment.

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