George Wood Learning Centre

George Wood Learning Centre (GWLC) is a day treatment school run in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education. The school is located on a Wood’s Homes Campus and serves students residing in a Wood’s Homes residential \ campus based treatment program.

Client profiles are students who have experienced serious trauma in early childhood through various occurrences of misfortune or maltreatment.  School concerns are high risk behaviours which may include suicidal ideation, depression, running, physical, verbal and/or sexual aggression, alcohol/drug abuse, violence/criminal behaviour and other psycho-social concerns. Specialized academic programming includes individualized program planning (IPP), academic testing according to Alberta Learning, and alternative educational activities for a diversity of learners (IOP curriculum, low student /staff ratio, advocacy and transitional preparation for a less intrusive setting).  Each classroom has a Wood’s Homes School Support Counselor and a CBE Teacher. Each residential program has a full time clinician who works in tandem with the program and the school.  A Clinical Approach based on Trauma informed practice guides the work.