Welcome to Wood's Homes.


Wood’s Homes received the highest rating possible in June 2015, by a health services accrediting organization called Accreditation Canada.

Our organization was first accredited in 1999 after intensive scrutiny by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation. CCHSA is distinguished as the accrediting organization for most Canadian health districts, hospitals and major health agencies. Visit Accreditation Canada at www.accreditation.ca

We are proud to announce that Accreditation Canada also issued Wood's Homes a Leading Practice award for our Child Intervention Outcomes-Based Services. Leading practice recognition recognizes organizations that strive for excellence and contribute to Health Care as a whole.

With this award, Wood's Homes is commended for its innovative services in co-operation with Children's Services which looks to improve long-term outcomes for children and families within the Child Welfare system. Wood's Homes provides these services in Calgary and Lethbridge.

The early impact of this work has led to a reduced rate of children coming into the system and better long-term results for those children who do come into care. We have also been able to improve access to services and give timely assessments, which have improved families' satisfaction with the service delivery process.

Accredited organizations are formally reviewed every 3 years. Very few similar children's service providers have achieved such national recognition in the health care field.