Mobilization Services


Mobilization Services (Therapeutic Campus Based Care (TCBC) – Cottages 1, 2, 3, Phoenix, U12) includes a multidisciplinary team of Master’s trained clinicians as well as Family Support Counselors who provide assessment, treatment, and aftercare services to the youth and families served by TCBC. Clinical services include designing, guiding, and ensuring effective implementation of the child or young person’s clinical treatment plan. The scope of this service is quite broad and includes providing a thorough clinical assessment that offers recommendations for treatment and guides initial treatment goals. In addition, clinicians provide individual and family therapy, create and oversee risk mitigation plans related to high-risk client behavior, consult with and support other Wood’s Homes employees with respect to their roles in the client’s treatment, and liaise with external professionals to co-ordinate and advocate for other services (e.g., other assessments, external therapy). In addition, clinical support services provide several months of clinical aftercare to TCBC children, youth, and families. Family Support Services work closely with the clinicians to help improve the safety, well-being, adaptive functioning, and knowledge of families whose children have been admitted into one of the therapeutic residential beds. Family Support Counselors, with the support of the Youth and Family Counselors who work in the programs, help family members acquire tailored parenting skills, crisis management strategies, as well as mental health and child development education. The service can include goal setting, in-home support, parenting support, treatment in the on-site residency, transitional support, and follow-up aftercare support.