Youth Community Support Program (YCSP)


The Youth Community Support Program (YCSP) provides a step-down service for youth and their families who are exiting acute inpatient mental health settings or formal treatment environments.

This program is meant to fill a gap in the continuum of services for a specific group of youth 13-17 years of age with complex mental health diagnoses, who are continuously accessing tertiary services with no stable resolution. Youth are required to have an existing community “home” placement identified prior to admission. Operating under a ‘transdisciplinary’ approach, YCSP offers wrap around services from one location.

A unique feature of this program is that program staff consist of both Alberta Health Services staff and Wood’s Homes staff. Case management and decision making are shared to ensure a comprehensive, individualized service is provided to each youth and caregiver.

Youth Community Support Program is run in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), as part of the AHS continuum of mental health care.

The Program Consists of 2 Components: