How You Can Help

Our children, young people and families need YOU now more than ever.

THANK YOU for being a champion for mental health in our community, and ensuring children, youth and families have access to mental health treatment and care when they need it most.

YOUR support will help:

  • Vulnerable youth have a place to shower, get something to eat and warm up
  • Diverse populations receive crisis counselling in their first language
  • A family affected by COVID – 19 by loss of income have access to family support services


YOUR advocacy and support for Wood’s Homes plays a huge role in the success and accessibility of our 40+ programs and services.

On behalf of the 20,000 children, youth and families we work with every year – THANK YOU!

Call us at 403-270-1718 or email [email protected]

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The Canada Revenue Agency requires that all donation receipts bear the name and address of the donor. As required by Canada Revenue Agency policies, an official tax receipt will be issued to you based on the information you provide.

All donations will be matched up to 50% through the Rogers Birdies for Kids presented by Altalink.

Fundraising Priorities


Your generosity plays a vital role in fortifying the foundation of all mental health programs at Wood’s Homes, creating a profound impact on the lives of children and their families. By supporting us, you empower individuals to build resilience and find hope for a brighter future. Your gift offers the flexibility to direct donations to the area of greatest need, allowing us to adapt and respond dynamically to evolving challenges.
While we cannot predict the specific needs that will arise in the future, we are certain that the demand for mental health support for children, young people, and families will endure. Your ongoing generosity ensures that we stand ready to meet these needs, never saying no, never giving up, and never turning anyone away. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those seeking essential mental health services.

When individuals reach out to our Eastside Community Mental Health Services, it’s often their last lifeline, with nowhere else to turn. Whether it’s a parent seeking guidance on their child’s behavior, a teenager in crisis, or someone battling addiction, the calls pour in day and night. Your support ensures that we can answer these calls, providing immediate assistance and long-term support during critical moments for children, teens, and families.

Impact of Your Support:
Over 20,000 people served annually: Your generosity directly impacts more than 20,000 individuals who access our crisis and counseling services each year.

Services Your Gifts Enable:

  • Phone, Text, and Chat Support: Immediate assistance through various communication channels.
    Mental Health System Navigation Services: Ensuring the right care at the right time.
  • Family Crisis Support: Available in-person, via virtual therapy, or at one of three Calgary locations.
  • Single Session Therapy: By appointment for quick and focused support.
  • Extended Services: Providing therapy with the same registered professional for up to six sessions for families, couples, and individuals.
  • eTherapy Services: Accessible through email for added convenience.


For more information on how you can make a difference, please contact [email protected]
Your contribution directly contributes to the life-changing work of Eastside Community Mental Health Services, ensuring that individuals in crisis receive the care and support they urgently need.

Wood’s Homes has provided programs and services for street-involved and at-risk youth since 1990. In July 2018, a longtime dream of establishing a one-stop-shop for vulnerable youth, was realized when Wood’s Homes opened its third campus in Calgary’s southeast community of Inglewood. Today, the Inglewood Opportunity Hub provides wraparound services for multi-barriered youth with a focus on:

  • Well-Being, Mental and Physical Health
  • Specialized Employment Support
  • Housing Services and Support.

This service model of helping multi-barriered youth is the first of its kind in Western Canada and saves young people from having to navigate different services at various locations.
You can help youth access programs and services at the Inglewood Opportunity Hub.
Wood’s Homes receives minimal funding to support the operation of the Inglewood Campus.
We are seeking funding to maintain and grow our services here.

Please contact [email protected]

Your generosity can help vulnerable and at-risk youth develop life skills and provide a network of support through the Linking Employment, Abilities and Development Program (LEAD) and Youth Culinary Arts Program (YCAP).

The LEAD program gives vulnerable youth ages 15-24 the tools they need to break free from homelessness, unemployment and poverty. Youth work on core life skills like interpersonal communications, financial literacy, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution and decision making. We can help them build a resume and prepare for job interviews, assist with the job search and even make that initial connection with an employer to set them on the path to success.

“Most of these kids have never had anyone say ‘I believe in you.’ To finally give them a chance – to trust them – I can’t even tell you what that means to them.”– John Wynne, Youth Employment Counsellor

YCAP participants learn hands-on culinary skills in a commercial kitchen while receiving direct support for their mental health and basic needs like housing, groceries and transportation for school and work.

Both a professional chef and Youth and Family Counsellor help these young people develop job readiness skills over eight weeks in a safe, structured environment that prepares them for the demands of employment and helps them transition to independence.

“…the circumstances of my life, the things I was doing at the time, and the bad choices I was making, I never even expected to live past 13. I’m almost 19 now and I’m finally content with where my life’s taken me. I’d never imagined I could have made it to where I am now. And I’m eternally grateful to all the supports that helped me along the way, including my time at YCAP. They’re what made me want to be a better me. Thank you to all of those who got me here.”– Michelle H., YCAP graduate and youth mentor

To learn how you can help shape the future of vulnerable youth, please contact [email protected]

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