Clients and staff respond: What are you thankful for? 

Thanksgiving 2020 feels different this year – for all of us. COVID-19 has moved us to think about life in different ways and to count our blessings just a little more. What tops our ‘Be Thankful’ list here at Wood’s Homes is the joy we get working with children, youth and families, the support we receive from our loyal and generous community, and our ability to continue the work of our founder, Reverend George Wood. 

In the spirit of the season, we decided to ask our clients and staff what they are thankful for. Here’s what they had to say: 

“I am thankful for my family because I like them, and they’re my favourite and nice.” 

“I am thankful for family, my foster family because I get to live with sibling and going camping with my grandma!”  

“I miss my dad. I’m thankful for my dad.” 

“I am thankful for my Lego, because I can do lots of things and build a lot.”  

“I’m thankful for all the help and guidance and support I have received to make me a better person and a Momma Bear.” 

“I’m thankful for my parents, my foster mom, being able to live another day and my creativity (art).”  

“I am so very thankful for my two beautiful daughters, and the enormous amount of love and happiness our family shares each and every day! I am thankful they allow me to come to work every day to do what I love.” 

“I am thankful for my cat.” 

“I’m thankful for my parents, my foster mom, being able to live another day and my creativity (art).” 

“I’m grateful for the love and affection that my staff gave me. It made me a better person and they changed my life.” 

“I’m thankful for music.” 

“I’m thankful that we have remained healthy and happy throughout this pandemic.” 

“I’m thankful for my family. Family is everything, and I’m glad to have my daughter, my siblings and my parents. I’m thankful for their health. I’m also thankful for supports like you (Wood’s Homes). I’d be evicted if it wasn’t for your help.” 

“I am thankful to be able to go home.” 

“I am thankful for my brother when he plays videos games, and I am thankful for my mom and dad… we went to Drumheller to see dinosaurs!” 

“I am thankful for my mom and having visits with her! I am also thankful for my foster parents and living with them.”  

“I am thankful to have something to eat.” 

“I am thankful we are in good health, and the people around us and the baby in our care that bring laughter in our lives. We are thankful for Wood’s Homes organization for their support. The gift of life and for the gift of family.” 

“I’m grateful for basketball, friends and my bike.” 

“First, we are thankful for having good health at this time of pandemic. We are also thankful for having a very supportive and diligent Foster Care Support Worker and Caseworkers. Lastly, thankful for this year because this year is the year when we wiped out ALL our consumer debts. It is nice to feel that we do not have any more payments (except mortgage) going out.”  

“I’m thankful for my mom because she takes care of me.” 

“I am thankful for my kids. I’m also thankful for every single moment I get to spend with them.” 

“I am thankful for being able to go to school.” 

“I am so thankful to have my daughter back, and for the support and help from you guys to make it happen.” 

“I’m thankful for our foster parents who work tirelessly to care for children within our network, keeping them connected to their natural families and cultures.” 

“I’m thankful for my life because I have a good life.” 

“I am grateful for being given the opportunity to graduate high school with my diploma, and also I am grateful to be given the opportunity of more independency.” 

“I am most grateful for the people in my life that have gotten me to where I am today. Especially those who helped me with my mental health struggles back in the spring.” 

This quote put a heartwarming smile on our faces and we hope it does for you, too: 

“I am thankful for Wood’s Homes for taking me into their arms. This year that I’ve been here has been hard, but also the happiest year of my life. You’ve brought out the best in me, the part I’ve never really seen. You’ve taken my soul and wiped it clean. I feel like I finally have a family. I am sad that I will have to leave, you guys are great people. Thank you all so much.” 

(rewritten for readability)