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An elevated shoe shopping experience for a cause!

We are hiring!

Wood’s Homes is hiring Therapeutic Foster Caregivers (Home Fire Keepers) for our Therapeutic Foster Care Program in Calgary, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and Lac La Biche. 

As a Home Fire Keeper, you will tend to the emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive development of children and youth through a cultural lens. You will be fully supported by a team of specialists, Elders, knowledge-keepers and a clinician.

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Welcome to Wood's Homes.

We are a children’s mental health centre that provides treatment and support for children, youth, and families with mental health challenges. We are a non-profit organization and have been working with families since 1914.

Our 500 staff provide more than 40 programs and services in Calgary, Lethbridge, Strathmore and Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Cold Lake, and Lac La Biche.

Wood’s Homes is nationally recognized as a knowledge and training centre. We are accredited by Accreditation Canada which has awarded us with Exemplary Standing three times.

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to us by calling 403-299-9699.

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Be curious! How a Learning Mindset Keeps Me Growing

I hold a BFA, MSW, and BEd., My brother has often joked that I won’t be happy until I have more letters after my name than in my name – Not an easy feat, considering the length of my name! Ironically, I’ve never been enamored with academia; I simply love learning, and I enjoy being in an environment where I can share this passion with others

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Best Field Trip Ever!

“Best Field Trip Ever!” 

 That was what the boys were shouting while we rode the giant cheese wagon back to the school. The full-size school bus for 5 students and 4 adults was the icing on the cake for the first field trip that our Starting Points (partnership program between CSSD and Woods Homes) class - or any Starting Points class - had ever taken. Of course, the kids all sat at the very back.

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Psychology Month at Wood’s Homes

Each February the Canadian Psychological Association celebrates Psychology Month focusing on a theme that highlights the contributions of Canadian psychologists.  The field of psychology “works to help – people live healthy and happy lives, their communities flourish, their employers create better workplaces, and their governments develop effective policies”. 

This year’s theme is “Future of Psychology” and - to paraphrase a popular song from the 1980s – students of psychology are our future.   

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