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Our acknowledgement and commitment

Wood’s Homes has been on a learning journey to understand Indigenous world views and the importance of ceremony and connection. We acknowledge the impact that colonization has had on Indigenous peoples across Canada. 
Wood's Homes is wholly committed to correction and reconciliation and stands in full support of all Indigenous peoples to reclaim what was taken from them and to find safe and healing places to celebrate culture, language, ceremony and connection to the land.

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It's been quite a year at Wood's Homes

Across our entire agency, we've had to adapt and innovate our service delivery to ensure that the children, youth and families who come through our (sometimes virtual) doors continue to receive the best-in-class service we're known for. 
With that, we're proud to unveil our 2020/21 Annual Report.
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Welcome to Wood's Homes.

Wood’s Homes is a children’s mental health centre that provides treatment and support for children, youth and families with mental health needs. We are a non-profit organization and have been working with families since 1914.

Our 600 staff provide 40+ programs and services in Calgary, Lethbridge, Strathmore and Fort McMurray.

Wood’s Homes is nationally recognized and accredited by Accreditation Canada which recently awarded us with Exemplary Standing for the third time.

We are here to help. Always.

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Pearls of Wisdom

Parents experience tremendous amounts of stress when their children are facing mental health challenges and are often unclear on where to start or who to talk to. Although we are fortunate to have a number of mental health support services available, families continue to struggle alone as the fragmented nature of the mental health system makes it challenging to obtain the information and supports needed.

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Acute@Home: A Year at Sea

The past year has brought tremendous obstacles and challenges for all us. Working within the Emergency department of the Alberta Children’s Hospital has been no exception.

As we entered the new world of COVID-19 in March 2020, we, as a community, did so with caution and uncertainty. This was evident in the Emergency department; the hustle and bustle we once knew became a solemn void. We witnessed a collective apprehension towards attending the hospital.

Where did all the mental health concerns go? For us, this was the calm before the storm, and we were patiently waiting and preparing.

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Virtual training and engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns and restrictions have been hard on all of us. We’ve all experienced increased stress and previously unforeseen challenges in our personal and work lives. But through all of it, Wood’s Homes and its staff have come together to support one another and find new and innovative ways to complete our work and continue serving our clients.

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