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Our acknowledgement and commitment

Wood’s Homes has been on a learning journey to understand Indigenous world views and the importance of ceremony and connection. We acknowledge the impact that colonization has had on Indigenous peoples across Canada. 
Wood's Homes is wholly committed to correction and reconciliation and stands in full support of all Indigenous peoples to reclaim what was taken from them and to find safe and healing places to celebrate culture, language, ceremony and connection to the land.

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The YCAP Market is officially open for business!

Wood’s Homes is excited to announce that our new food market – the Youth Culinary Arts Program (YCAP) Market – is now open for business!

The YCAP Market features food and products made by clients who are learning to cook and prepare homemade quality meals under the guidance of Red Seal chefs. Clients typically come from challenging backgrounds and are learning important life and employment skills.

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Welcome to Wood's Homes.

Wood’s Homes is a children’s mental health centre that provides treatment and support for children, youth and families with mental health needs. We are a non-profit organization and have been working with families since 1914.

Our 600 staff provide 40+ programs and services in Calgary, Lethbridge, Strathmore and Fort McMurray.

Wood’s Homes is nationally recognized and accredited by Accreditation Canada which recently awarded us with Exemplary Standing for the third time.

We are here to help. Always.

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A safe space for all

Entering the Inglewood Opportunity Hub for the first time was a relief. I looked around, hoping to find someone like me. Being gay within the homeless population is terrifying and you are always searching for an ally. On the wall, I noticed a flag that showed me that this is a safe place for all.

The place had a different feeling for me. I was welcomed here.

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Plannedemic – International Overdose Awareness Day

As the Addictions Specialist at Wood's Homes, I continue to see the impact of opioids within the vulnerable youth and families we serve.

How do we support our clients to reduce the impact that it will have on their families?

How can I give support to my friends, family, and adults and youth in my life?

These are the questions that I am often asked in private by caregivers, foster parents, teachers, and co-workers.

My answer to these questions is to continually educate ourselves. Ask the hard questions. Be open to hearing another person’s truth with compassion. Do not judge.

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Pearls of Wisdom

Parents experience tremendous amounts of stress when their children are facing mental health challenges and are often unclear on where to start or who to talk to. Although we are fortunate to have a number of mental health support services available, families continue to struggle alone as the fragmented nature of the mental health system makes it challenging to obtain the information and supports needed.

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