Your Impact: Caring for the Community,Thanks to You


Major routine changes, school closures, working from home, loss of employment, self-isolation and physical distancing are just some of the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. Many of us, our friends, family members and neighbours are coping with fear, anxiety, stress and depression. Thanks to your generosity, Eastside Community Mental Health Services (ECMHS) offers immediate and no charge counselling and therapy through phone, text, LiveChat, email and virtual sessions for those who need help or a listening ear. We are grateful for your support now more than ever as ECMHS is experiencing a 20% increase in calls, texts and chats from families, youth, couples and individuals in our community.

Your generosity provides compassionate and understanding support for families and people in need. With your help, more than 19,413 immediate mental health support calls, texts, chats, emails, video and walk-in support sessions were provided by ECMHS in 2020. We see the effects of COVID-19 on the individuals, couples and families we work with – people who were already facing extraordinary challenges. A lot of parents are reaching out to ECMHS for therapy sessions over concerns for their children aged 12 – 14. Worry about COVID-19 and family health, not being able to socialize with friends and the lack of extra-curricular activities have led to anxiety for many youth. As their thoughts become more worrisome, they can develop unhealthy strategies as they try to take control of their lives in our COVID-19 world of restrictions. Thanks to your support, ECMHS is able to provide extended services with the same counsellor for these families working through their mental health challenges.

“ECMHS aims to make it easier for families and individuals to navigate mental health services to find the right care. For those reaching out for help, our goal is to reduce their stress. A great therapy day for the ECMHS team is when we can provide support and encouragement to someone working through the challenges of taking positive steps for the mental health of their family.”

– Janet Stewart, ECMHS Program Manager