Therapeutic Foster Care


Therapeutic Foster Care is a treatment model that provides services for youth (13-17) who may have been in live-in care or group homes. The focus of this program is on serving Indigenous foster children and is primarily intended for Indigenous caregivers. Training and extensive support is provided to tend to the emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive development of the child while maintaining cultural connection. This program is called Home Fire Keepers as Wood’s Homes recognizes the specific needs of Indigenous youth who may be referred. Culture is embedded as a strength and building stone in recruiting Home Fire Keepers, and in developing caring environments. Wood’s Homes defines Home Fire to mean a vital or creative centre that keeps a feeling of connection and hope in daily life.

Tending the ‘Home Fires’ has been used in ceremonies from many nations. This concept reflects building community for those who have experienced disconnection from community and culture.

The model includes clinical consultation and Youth Specialists who work with the Therapeutic Foster Parent in their home. Cultural supports include Elders, knowledge keepers, cultural allies, and community members.