Summer Solstice – Relationship with the Sun

By matotisân asinîy Tye Rhyno, Program Manager, Indigenous Initiatives

Looking around the many communities today there is lots to be happy about. The way the light is being shone on many Indigenous peoples and communities. I am proud to be an Indigenous person and see many others standing with pride! The sun will be at its highest soon and we will be facing Winter again, but first we must prepare. Collect your medicines, repair your lodges, trade with your relatives, this is the time of abundance and for hundreds and thousands of years Indigenous peoples would take this time to get ready for the winter. In the new age it is easy to hunt at Costco and Safeway. Today we get the opportunity of connection and community. Exercise and have fun, be adventurous in life in heathy ways.  

Experience something new! 

There are many events happenings across the province to acknowledge National Indigenous Peoples Day: 

Walk for Reconciliation

Friday, June 21


Harry Hays Building

(220 4 Ave SE)

Walk for Reconciliation 2024 — The Confluence

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Friday, June 21


Telus Spark

(220 Saint George’s Drive NE)

There are many ways to learn about science at Spark! (

Indigenous Peoples Day at Studio Bell

Friday, June 21


Studio Bell

(850 4 St SE)

OHSOTO’KINO: Indigenous Peoples Day at Studio Bell | Studio Bell

Traditional Powwow

Friday, June 21


Heritage Park

(1900 Heritage Dr SW)

National Indigenous Peoples Day | Heritage Park

Tipi Raising

Friday, June 21


Olympic Plaza

(228 8 Ave SE)

National Indigenous People Day Tipi Raising (

Traditional Games

Friday, June 21


Central Library

(800 3 Street SE)

Traditional Games | Calgary Public Library (

Traditional Round Dance

Friday, June 21


Salvation Army Community Services

(5115 17 Ave SE)

Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary (

Mini Powwow Showcase

Friday, June 21


Olympic Plaza

(228 8 Ave SE)

National Indigenous People Day (

Drum Circle

Friday, June 21


Central Library

(800 3 Street SE)

Drum Circle with Miskanawah | Calgary Public Library (


I recently was able to attend a significant ceremony, I had many reflections about this last year. There was a point in the ceremony where I needed to acknowledge the sun (Pisim). I stood with humility and felt gratitude for the many blessings in my life. I felt the sun on my face and was grateful to be alive!

When the sun is at its highest go stand and face the sun and acknowledge your blessings. Acknowledge your relationships, those who hold you up. The shelter you have and the food that is available to you! If you have tobacco hold it to the sun and offer it to the earth for healing and connection. Take a cup of water, offer it to the earth, renew yourself in good ways. Random acts of kindness for someone, lift each other up, smile as someone passes.  

We can do many things to create a good day. We can do many things to acknowledge each other and our special gifts.  

On Indigenous Peoples Day, experience the many ways Indigenous people celebrate the sun and the ways they live that “Good Life.”  

Speak your Prayer 

Sing your Prayer 

Dance your Prayer 

Live your Prayer!