Stepping Stones Youth Services

Stepping Stones Youth Services provides a short-term, secure haven for young people in Fort McMurray facing challenges that lead them to stay away from home for various reasons or those encountering difficulties with their parents or caregivers. Our commitment is to offer a supportive and confidential environment during these critical moments.

Key Features:

  • No Cost, Confidential Services: Our services are provided at no cost, ensuring accessibility for those in need, and we prioritize maintaining confidentiality to create a safe space for young individuals


  • Support and Referrals for Parents/Caregivers: We extend our support beyond the young people in our care, offering assistance and referrals to parents and caregivers to foster a collaborative approach in resolving challenges


  • Collaboration with Stakeholders: Stepping Stones Youth Services actively collaborates with schools, counsellors, parent-teacher groups, and various agencies, including the regional health centre. This collaborative effort ensures a holistic and comprehensive approach to the well-being of the youth we serve


  • Duration of Stays: The duration of stays is situational, recognizing the unique needs of each individual and tailoring our support accordingly.


At Stepping Stones Youth Services, we understand the importance of providing a secure and caring space for young people facing challenges. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to offer the support needed during their stay.

Stepping Stones Youth Services is proudly sponsored by the Alberta Government and United Way of Fort McMurray.

Seven Days a Week (24-hours a day)