Starting Points

In the Starting Points program, Wood’s Homes works in collaboration with the Calgary Catholic School District to provide a specialized program designed specifically to address issues of externalizing behaviour within the context of a mainstream school for students grades 1-6. 

It embraces a relationship-focused approach to support students whose patterns of behaviour have interfered with their ability, and the abilities of others, to learn in a conventional setting.  Students are offered opportunities, strategies, and supports to enhance their self-regulation, emotional expression, and pro-social behaviours aimed at improving their functioning within the school setting and removing identified barriers to learning.  The Starting Points program is considered transitional in nature, working to improve student and familial functioning so that the student may return to their home school, or a less-intensive environment.   

There are seven Starting Points classrooms in mainstream schools throughout Calgary.  Each of these classrooms is staffed and supported by a Calgary Catholic School District Teacher and Education Assistant. A Wood’s Homes School Support Counsellor works alongside to identify social, emotional, and behavioural areas of strength and growth. Individual and group therapeutic and behavioural interventions focus on self-regulation, emotional expression, and pro-social behaviours.  Clinical and family supports are available through the Wood’s Homes continuum of care and programs such as our Eastside Community Mental Health Services.