The Wheatland Program

NOTE: This program is only available with a referral.

This program operates on a house-parented, group-care model for young people dealing with diverse psychological, social and emotional issues. In a family-like setting, this program provides services for youth with clinical, supervision or peer issues who can benefit from a smaller setting with more supervision than a foster home might provide.

There are eight youth (6-17) living within the two homes of the Wheatland Program at any given time, providing residential mental health treatment. Based on the Houseparent Model, the Wheatland Program ensures youth and their families have access to 24/7 counsellor support as they work through times of emotional crisis and conflict.

House parents reside in the homes with the youth, supported by staff members. All of the youth tend to be dealing with issues including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, school/academic difficulties, drug involvement and parent-adolescent conflict.