Mohammed's Story



Before I came to Starting Points, I was struggling with my school work. I would leave class without permission. I used to have tantrums. I would cry and yell, a lot. I would do that when I didn’t get my way. I used to try really hard to avoid work. I used a lot of excuses. I pretended to be sick.

Then I came to Starting Points. They helped me with my problems. The staff helped to do my school work by doing things for me that I couldn’t do for myself. They helped me resolve my problems with my peers. I was given calm-down strategies, like “think before you say or do something.” I was taught how to ask for what I needed. I also built strong relationships with some of the staff.

Now, I spend most of my time in class, and get all of my work done. Staff hold me accountable for my actions. When something doesn’t go my way now, I don’t overreact. I’m able to accept it. When other people are mean to me, I’m able to shrug it off. When I get hurt while I’m playing, I’m able to calm down.

I am grateful for all of the help that I have gotten.