Let’s Talk

By Sondous Husien, Wood’s Homes Crisis Counsellor 

Since 2011, #BellLetsTalk has been used and promoted over 1 billion times to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health. Every last Wednesday of January, you may have noticed your social media platforms filled with messages of support for those who struggle with their mental health. 

Most of the messages are heart-warming, thought-provoking and insightful. I found myself wishing how great it would be if this was everyone’s response to mental health struggles year-round. Imagine if we lived in world where it was comfortable to say, “I’m having a hard time with my thoughts” or, “I feel so stuck”. 

I spent some time with my family over the weekend and I observed that it’s easy to Talk about the physical pain they expereince. Nobody questions someone’s physical pain and it’s almost immediately followed up with validation and understanding. It makes the person in pain feel better that someone else knows what they are going through. But how often do we and our loved ones talk about their mental health? 

Bell Let’s Talk has garnered a lot of attention because it is an easy and accessible way to Talk about mental health.  

So, Let’s Talk about mental health today, and every day of the year.   

Let’s continue working together to reduce the stigma. 

Let’s remind those in your life that you’re there for them.   

Let’s be patient with those who just don’t get it.  

Let’s accept that mental health struggles are real and look different for each person.  

Eastside Community Mental Health Services is available 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm for immediate, no-cost, mental health support. Call 403-299-9699. Let’s Talk.