About Us

Indigenous Initiatives

At Wood’s Homes, our Indigenous Initiatives are guided by traditional protocols, ceremony, and our relationships with community Elders and Knowledge Keepers. We celebrate and honour Indigenous connections, including the lands on which our programs and services are located today.

The process of growth for Wood’s Homes includes a steady commitment to following direction of the many Elders and Knowledge Keepers who have taught us about the way in which we gain the knowledge to care in a cultural way. This has been done through protocol, the passing of prints and tobacco to earn the many cultural gifts we hold today. We now hold these gifts as a community, and they continue to guide us to new ways of being in relationship with all those we hold close to our hearts.

Let us continue to learn, grow, and heal together. Let us create the ‘Good Life’ so the future generations can be successful in all ways they choose to be in this world.


  • Honouring cultural diversity
  • Seeking guidance from Elders and Knowledge Keepers
  • Following traditional protocols and steps to seeking knowledge
  • Amplifying community and cultural connections
  • Walking alongside children, families, and communities

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