Whole Family Treatment Program


This program is a trauma-informed, intensive whole family treatment intervention that helps families manage complex issues including mental health and crisis management. It seeks to improve the safety, functioning, parenting capacity, and child development knowledge of families. This preventative program is focused upon family preservation and community integration, ultimately lessoning the need for more intensive out-of-home mental health supports.

The length of treatment depends on the needs of the family and the agreed upon goals and can span 10 months with one or several on-site residency stays (of 3 or 5 days). Additional services may include: occupational therapy, psychology, and parent-child interactional therapy.

The program utilizes Eco-systemic Family Therapy strategies and is designed to help improve the safety, well-being, adaptive functioning, and knowledge of families dealing with children and adult mental health concerns. We help family members acquire tailored parenting skills, mental health and child development education. A collaborative plan is designed for the family prior to residency with intensive follow up in the home.

For some quick and effective parenting strategies prepared by our Whole Family Treatment Program team, click here

(Whole Family Treatment Program is supported by the Calgary Foundation and United Way of Calgary & Area.)