Supported visitation and transportation assistance

NOTE: This program is only available with a referral.

Decisions about parent/child visits are made by Calgary and Area Child and Family Services staff, as well as the courts. Wood’s Homes provides supported visit services based on these decisions.

Most often, children benefit from having regular contact with their parents, regardless of the parents’ relationships or the parents feelings about Child and Family Services involvement. In addition, children need safe, conflict-free contact in order to feel secure, while parents address the concerns of Child and Family Services.

When children are removed from their parents’ care, we will work with parents to see their children within 48 hours and regularly after that.

Our goal is to assist your children to:

  • Know you care for them and you are working to address your family’s problems
  • Look forward to seeing you without worrying about what is going to happen
  • Manage the stress of this difficult time

Our goal is to assist you to:

  • See your children and stay involved with them
  • Address concerns of Child Welfare
  • Manage the stress of this difficult time

Phone: 403-774-1678