New Horizon - Housing Services and Support

NOTE: This program is only available with a referral.

Over the years, Wood’s Homes began looking for a way to provide stable, supportive housing for young adults (ages 18-24) who are at risk of being homeless. In 2010, we launched New Horizon, in partnership with Horizon Housing Society and the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Temporary, low-cost apartment units are now occupied in two buildings located in Calgary’s Fairview and Inglewood communities. Young adults are able to live in furnished apartments, thanks to generous corporate support.

Young people are selected for this program on the basis of their hard work, dedication and hunger to build better lives for themselves. Wood’s Homes staff are on site every day to teach these young people how to budget their money, shop for groceries, cook and clean, set up bank accounts, and how to find and keep jobs.

For further information, please call 403-452-7091.