EXIT Youth Shelter (Closed)

Wood’s Homes EXIT Youth Shelter is a inclusive place that supports vulnerable young people and their families in a crisis.

Short-term housing + stability for youth (12-17):

  • Food, clothing, shelter, laundry and shower facilities
  • Crisis and mental health counselling
  • Access to our medical clinic

Family conflict resolution:

  • Support to resolve crisis
  • Family mediation
  • Access to trained family counsellors
  • Help with transition to a stable environment

Community connection:

  • Referrals to resources
  • Employment and housing support
  • Help with strengthening social, school and professional networks

112 16 Ave. NE
Calgary, Alberta

Seven days a week - 4 p.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Phone: 403-509-2323

(EXIT Youth Shelter is supported by The City of Calgary's Family & Community Support Services and United Way of Calgary & Area.)