Children’s Village School

NOTE: This program is only available with a referral.

Children's Village School (CVS) works with children (ages 4-12) who exhibit severe emotional and behavioural difficulties in their schools, communities and homes and have often experienced serious trauma in early childhood through various occurrences of misfortune or maltreatment. Referrals to the program are via the Calgary Board of education. There are 13 classrooms including a kindergarten and a satellite classroom, with over 60 students in total.

Each classroom has two school support counsellors and one teacher, with the exception of the satellite classroom which has one school support counsellor and one teacher. Services include individual counselling, in-home family support, speech and occupational therapy, crisis stabilization and family counselling via our Eastside Family Centre and Community Resource Team. Children’s Village School supports students in learning the necessary skills for transitioning into less intensive settings and back into their own community school. A Clinical Approach based on Trauma Informed Care guides the work.

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1210 Russet Road NE
Calgary, AB