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Success Stories

At Wood's Homes, the success and relief from crisis for the children, youth and families who come to us is something we never stop striving for. We never give up, and we know that under our client's struggles is the potential for stability and a future free from hurt. 

Whether you're in search of help, looking for info on a program or just want to learn about our work, it is our pleasure to share some of our client's successes with you to inform and inspire. Here are some of their stories.

Success Story: KEN

My name is Ken. I come from a little town in northwest Alberta. I was born there and stayed till I was 11. I entered foster care and street life early. I’ve been in Alberta my whole life.

Growing up, everyone from the same walk of life as me faces that one moment where it’s like, you have a choice. You can do a bunch of really risky stuff and maybe things would be okay. But, you knew you’d always end up in jail. So no surprise I ended up in jail as a young offender. When I got out, I didn’t know anybody. So knowing who and where my mom was, it seemed like the best place to go.

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Success Story: Mohammed

Before I came to Starting Points, I was struggling with my school work. I would leave class without permission. I used to have tantrums. I would cry and yell, a lot. I would do that when I didn’t get my way. I used to try really hard to avoid work. I used a lot of excuses. I pretended to be sick.

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Success Story: Aiden

Aiden was referred to Wood’s Homes by Alberta Health Services. He had been diagnosed with ADHD when he was around 8. Prior to arriving here he was having trouble in school, skipping and becoming increasingly hard to manage. He was described as smart and sensitive by his teachers, but his high and lows were very hard to work with. He would go from calm to irate to totally shut down in seconds.

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Success Story: Anthony

Anthony was 5 when he came to our Capitol Hill program after being apprehended due to domestic violence concerns in his home. As anyone with young children knows, this is an age when children absorb everything, including abusive behaviours and the emotions that go along with them.

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Success Story: Eric

Connor stumbled into the Lethbridge Youth Shelter at 3 a.m. one cold fall morning, highly agitated and bleeding from his leg. He was living on the street and had been stabbed by another homeless youth. He didn’t know where else to turn. Connor had been staying at the Lethbridge Youth Shelter off and on since he was 15. His mother suffered from chronic depression and his father drank heavily.

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Success Story: Claire

“The Whole Family Treatment Program has helped me and my boys through an extremely stressful and difficult time. I am thrilled to tell you that although our struggles will never be over, our lives have improved 10-fold. We owe that to all of you at Wood’s Homes for going out of your way, and doing everything you could to help us."

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Success Story: McKayla

McKayla arrived at Wood’s Homes with a lot of anxiety and very low self-confidence. She eventually ended up in our housing program, New Horizon. One afternoon, our employment program (LEAD) supervisor John saw a Help Wanted sign in the window of a local café and decided to ask if they’d be willing to take a chance on McKayla. She was a great kid who just needed a chance; a chance that they decided to give her.

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