Research Department

Welcome to the Research Department of Wood’s Homes.

Research departments are rare among non-profit organizations, so we are proud to be a leader in this field.

Wood’s Homes began collecting and analysing data about our program successes (and yes, failures) in 2001. Our researchers work to expand the body of knowledge in child, youth, family and community well-being. They monitor and evaluate excellence in service delivery within the agency, but also contribute to the larger service community by sharing our successes.

The department is committed to developing innovative methods for monitoring treatment effectiveness and agency functioning. Researchers compile, analyse and evaluate using the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) as well as the National Outcomes Matrix (NOMS) which represents 4 key areas: Safety, Well-Being, Permanence, and Family and Community Support.

Our researchers also focus on fostering an agency-wide climate of thinking about the work we do, as well as actually doing it. This department provides motivation and inspiration to go beyond the day-to-day activity, to investigate what works and to apply that knowledge in practice.