Ways To Give

Legacy and Estate Gifts

Outlive Yourself

What will be the story you leave behind when you’re gone? We’ll all leave a story. Some will be exceptional in the eyes of many, others will be quietly remarkable. Please make your story count for the children and families of tomorrow.  

Large or small, legacy gifts ensure we will be there for those who need help in the future. Their numbers will continue to grow, and their needs will be more complex. You can help secure their future with a gift in your will.

If you worry that a charitable gift will consume the resources you may need as you age, or deplete what you want to leave for you loved ones - you may be surprised. There are many ways that tax credits for charitable gifts, and simple planning can allow you to do all three. 

We encourage you to share your thoughts with your family and explore your options for charitable giving with a trusted legal, tax, or accounting specialist who is knowledgeable about the financial benefits of charitable giving.

We can also help. Call or email us today for confidential, pressure-free suggestions about how you can outlive yourself and reserve your spot in our history through your story of support.

*Ask your legal advisor about adding a simple amendment to your existing will (a codicil) to include a charitable gift. 

For further information contact Wood's Homes Foundation at 403-270-1718 or foundation@woodshomes.ca