Areas of Need

Inglewood Campus: The EXIT Youth Hub

You can help homeless and vulnerable youth get the help they need at the EXIT Youth Hub.

Wood’s Homes has provided programs and services for street-involved and at-risk youth since 1990.  A longtime dream of establishing a one-stop-shop for vulnerable youth ages 12-24, was realized when Wood’s Homes opened its third campus in the community of Inglewood, the EXIT Youth Hub. The new facility is now home to six programs that provide specific wraparound services for vulnerable and at-risk youth.

This model of helping street-involved and at-risk youth is the first of its kind in Western Canada. Until now, when these young people came to Wood’s Homes for help, they would have to visit multiple locations for all the resources and programs available.  

Now teens and young adults can find mental health counselling, transitional housing, physical health support, employment, life skills training and more, all at the EXIT Youth Hub!  It will be so much easier for them to ask for and receive all the help they need without having to retell their story over and over again.

You can help youth access programs and services at the EXIT Youth Hub.

Wood’s Homes receives minimal funding to support the operation of the new Inglewood Campus that is home to the EXIT Youth Hub.  

We are seeking funding to maintain and grow the programs and services provided to vulnerable, at-risk youth.

To find out how we can work together on solutions, please contact Lori Humphrey Clements, Director of Fund Development, at or 403-270-1724.