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Family-Centred Care

It’s not just one person that’s affected by mental illness. It’s everyone around them too. Our response is Family Centered Care that includes everyone in the process of assessment, treatment and recovery. Your support helps strengthen Wood’s Homes programs to help families facing complex mental health challenges and crisis.

Our Whole Family Treatment Program is an intensive, short-term program for families from across the country. Housed in the Vermilion Energy Family Centre, the program helps families struggling with complex issues including mental illness, crisis management, parenting strategies, and child development. We provide consistent support and clinical treatment to help all members of the family get back on the road to happy and healthy living.

 We have had some serious trials in our family over the past few years. We needed a safe place with counseling where the kids would feel safe to talk and ask questions. We needed to learn how to talk to each other and communicate our deepest feelings to each other. We had a breakthrough in communication with each other. We have learned a lot about each other and have built a foundation for a happy and healthy family.” – Susan, Mother

To learn how you can help families in need of mental health support, please contact