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Family-Centred Care

We have learned that to experience long-term success, everyone involved in a child’s care must be considered and included as an active participant in treatment. This may mean that a traditional nuclear family or a complex blend of relatives, step-parents, foster families, friends, health care professionals, and even government agencies will become part of the family-centred care at Wood’s Homes.

The generosity of your unrestricted support strengthens all the mental health programs at Wood’s Homes in profound ways – helping children and their families build resilience and hope for the future.          

Today, more than 40 programs at Wood’s Homes use the innovative leadership of a dedicated research department to put clinical knowledge into practice. Using a variety of tools and methods, we measure outcomes to continuously inform and improve the mental health services offered. As well, collaborative partnerships and working relationships with many other organizations ensure the most appropriate and effective resources are available to every one of the 20,000 people who come to us for help each year.

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