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Jasmine's Story

Smiley faceHello. My name is Jasmine and I would like to thank YOU and the people at Wood’s Homes for helping me become the person I am today.

I grew up with my mom, two older brothers and my little sister until I was 4 years old. We may have looked like the perfect family but, as we all know, looks can be deceiving.

When I was five my mom got sick and could no longer take care of us. My brothers went to our grandparents’ home, my sister went to live with her father and I ended up in foster care.

A short while later, my grandparents changed their minds and decided to take me in as well.

Little did I know my oldest brother had some things planned for me. Let’s just say those things weren’t very nice. I told my grandmother but she didn’t know what to do and turned the other cheek. At 6 years old, I was confused, scared and alone.

Eventually we became too much to handle for my grandparents and a year later I was placed back into foster care.

I spent a couple of years in foster care until one day my father came to get me. I thought to myself, “maybe I’ll be normal now”. I got to travel to my family‘s home town but all the niceness and fun ended when we got back home. My dad became abusive - verbally and physically – and there was no escape.

At 12 years old I was forced back into foster care.

This time I got referred to Wood's Homes. People like you donate to Wood’s Homes so they can give someone like me a place to stay. For that, I am forever thankful.

I lived in a Wood’s Homes' shelter for a while until I was moved to one of their community homes where they teach independent living.  But I made a bad decision. I left the community home, got in with the wrong crowd and my life started to go downhill again.

I felt hopeless and started drinking and doing drugs. I even dropped out of school.

I moved back with my mom. That’s when I learned she was addicted to crack cocaine so at 14 years old, I went back to foster care.

A few months later I met a Foster Care Support Worker at Wood’s Homes. With her support I was able to return to school. All that time, I knew that Wood’s Homes had my back and was encouraging me to succeed. They taught me that it’s OK not to be OK. That was powerful for me as I always felt I needed to act like the “tough girl”.

Wood’s Homes helped me realize I could do a lot more with my life. Their counselling, classes for independent living and their “you can do it” attitude grew my confidence. They just Never Gave Up on me. With Wood’s Homes’ endless support and hard work at school, I graduated from high school at 16. I started to let go of my past and started building my future.

I also started to volunteer with young teens who are at risk in our community. Two years later I was awarded a national organization's 2016 Young Women of Promise award for my volunteer work.

I went to college and completed a year of Child and Youth Care and plan to go on to complete a psychology and sociology major as soon as I can.

And last year, I married my best friend.

Wood’s Homes and DONORS LIKE YOU saved me. I am just one of many young people in our community who need the services and programs Wood’s Homes provides.

By making a donation to Wood's Homes you help young people like me. Thank you for giving us a future so we can contribute back to our communities and help others too.




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