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Never Give Up unGala


For a second year, YOUR support of the Never Give Up unGala was remarkable! Thank you to all who joined us — we can hardly wait until we can come together again to celebrate in person. Until then, YOU continue to make an impact by helping us adapt our programs and services for those who need it when they need it most, like Eric and Pranta.


How YOU have impacted lives!

With the supportive work setting [at the YCAP Market], I have come to realize that I can contribute my own unique skills to the team, and that I have a team that can also contribute their own individual skills. We learn from each other.

With supporting others, I have learned to be calm and patient in my work setting. If I get overwhelmed, I know I can take a breath and reach out for support. They show patience allowing me to continue to learn in a safe environment. I’ve learned to support others...I’ve learned that community is everything."

- Eric, Wood's Homes Client 

"I’ve learned to not only look at my point of view but the points and interests of others...Communication is key when you let others know how you feel, and when you know how they feel, an agreeable outcome is then met, which leads to a friendly calm environment.

I have come to learn some important lessons and generate future goals I wish to pursue. I have new skills and experiences to add to my resume and I continue to add them because of my mentors here. I am grateful to be presented with this opportunity and would love to see many more youth receive the same opportunities that I have from my experience at YCAP and now working in the YCAP Market."

- Pranta, Wood's Homes Client


Thank YOU to our sponsors, who have supported us during these ever changing times!