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Youth start Random Acts of Kindness Club

June 03, 2015
By Holly Freeman, Wood's Homes School Support Counsellor
Youth start Random Acts of Kindness Club

At the Wood’s Homes Bowness campus, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our youth and building a community. During times of adversity in the life of a young person, we focus on connection – a connection to each other, a connection to community, and a connection to family.

At the George Wood Learning Centre, we wanted to foster the theme of connection so we worked with our students to help start the ‘RAK’ club. The RAK club began as the Random Acts of Kindness Club but humorously became the Random ‘Attacks’ of Kindness Club!

The club includes anyone on our campus who wants to join – we welcome anyone who wants to surprise someone with kindness.

The purpose of the club was to provide our youth with a place for connection and to creatively think of ways to connect to the community, our campus, and each other. The club is a safe place to express thanks and spread happiness to the Bowness community.

So far the club has surprised the entire campus with thoughtful notes of gratitude, homemade and delivered tasty treats and help in cleaning up the neighbourhood.

Recently the club has painted flower pots and planted seeds to deliver to the neighbors of the Bowness campus with our signature ‘RAK’ card.

The kids have been so receptive and excited about the things we have been doing for our neighbours, the community, and each other. They truly have been fostering a connection.

Sometimes a person just needs a kind word to change how their day will unfold. So remember, if you get hit by the Random Acts of Kindness Club, please do one thing… pass it on!