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The ‘glue’ that holds us together!

April 27, 2016
By the Wood's Homes Admin Team
The ‘glue’ that holds us together!

There is common misconception that administrative professionals only answer calls, organize files, greet visitors and send emails throughout the day. And, while answering phones, organizing files, etc. are responsibilities of the position, those ‘administrative’ tasks are only a small part of the enormous role our admins play at Wood’s Homes.

From archiving and event planning, to grocery shopping and dealing with distressed clients, our admins have done it all – and have done a great job doing it! It would be safe to say our admins are the ‘glue’ that holds our organization together and without them, Wood’s Homes wouldn’t be where it is today.

To recognize the work of our incredible administrative support staff, we’ve prepared a series of profiles that highlight the unique roles each of our admins play at Wood’s Homes.

Get to know our Admin Team by clicking the links below: