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16 reasons why we love our volunteers

April 13, 2015
By Wood's Homes Staff
16 reasons why we love our volunteers

When you think of it, a volunteer founded and launched Wood’s Homes in 1914 when Reverend George Wood agreed to take in two children so their father could serve overseas.

Our work in helping children and families cannot be done without the help of our volunteers who contribute their time, energy, heart and skills to Wood’s Homes. Today, as we begin National Volunteer Week, we’d like to take our hats off to all those volunteers at Wood’s Homes who make a difference every day in the lives of our clients and our staff.

To say thank you, a few members of the Wood’s Homes team rallied together and came up with simply a few of the countless reasons as to why we love our volunteers:

  1. “Volunteers bring a variety of wisdom and experiences to the agency.”Cindy Jing Fang, Research
  2. “People in the community may feel more comfortable connecting with others in the community.”Niki Whitefield, CRT
  3. “Volunteers allow programs to thrive and contribute to a safer community.”  -  Adam Flegel, Street Services
  4. “They are essential to the energy and effectiveness of the eclectic team of counsellors and elevate our support to client.” - Janet Stewart, Eastside Family Centre
  5. Our volunteers show us that people care – to do something without expectation because they want to help make a difference.”Kirk Weeks, Residential
  6. “Each volunteer has their own incredible story, and journey as to why they are here.”Vanessa Vernick, Communications
  7. “Volunteers carry a big heart, passion, and love.”Cindy Jing Fang, Research
  8. “Our volunteers ensure a sense of community responsibility.”Adam Flegel, Street Services
  9. Volunteers are devoted, determined and delightful” - Cindy Jing Fang, Research
  10. “The more hands, the better.”Niki Whitefield, CRT
  11. “They are dedicated and devoted to the idea of providing clients with the help they need when they need it the most.”Janet Stewart, Eastside Family Centre
  12. “Our volunteers allow us to focus on other projects.” – Shana Ng, Nursing
  13. “It takes a village.”Niki Whitefield, CRT
  14. “Our volunteers enhance and provide a sense of community and belonging.”Adam Flegel, Street Services
  15. “Our volunteers are inspiring and positive.”Kirk Weeks, Residential
  16. “Our volunteers are family.”Vanessa Vernick, Communications

So, to our 32 program volunteers, 27 board members and 35 committee members:

We would like to humbly and sincerely thank you for the love and passion you show each day. Our kids, families, staff and community could not function without your help. We hope that you’ll know just how much you mean to us, not just this week – but all 52 weeks of the year.

With love,

The Wood’s Homes Family