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Clients respond: What are you thankful for?

October 06, 2017

Thanksgiving is a time when many of us reflect on what we’re most thankful for. At Wood’s Homes, the joy of working with children, youth and families, the support we receive from the community and the 100 year history we’ve shared in Calgary – an amazing city – tops our list.

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Young client looks back and looks forward

April 06, 2017

Last month, I got to chat with a client currently in Wood’s Homes Altadore program. Check out the below Q&A to hear what they had to say about their time with Wood’s Homes!

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A true homecoming to Wood’s Homes

September 06, 2016

It was 1967 when I came to Wood's Christian Home. I had been running away from home a lot by that time. My stepmother administered severe physical punishment and my Dad was heavy-handed as well. There came a point when I just wanted to leave to get away from it all.  I wasn’t the best kid, but never knew why I was punished so much. I was labeled a troublemaker and subject to harsh discipline almost all the time.  

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Being a Houseparent for ‘Next Steps’

June 09, 2016

“What is a houseparent and why would you do this?” “How do you manage to have a social life?” “Aren’t you worried about your safety?”

As a houseparent for the past two years, these are a few of the questions I was frequently asked. I was always surprised and sometimes taken back that ‘outsiders’ saw my chosen profession as a ‘death sentence’, or so to speak.  So, with that in mind, I thought I’d write a blog based on a few misconceptions, and add a bit of the heart and soul that goes into being a houseparent.

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The Johnston family tells us why they chose to foster children

February 15, 2016

Over 100 years ago, Wood's Homes was founded on the idea that opening one's home to those in need was the right thing to do. That first act by our founder, Reverend George Wood, who took in the children of a soldier leaving for war, was the start of our dedication to fostering and marked the humble beginnings of our organization.

Today, our Foster Care Network is one of the largest fostering programs in the country. We work with some amazing families to provide comfort for youth in need. One such family has been willing to tell us of their fostering experience and we're happy to share that with you today.

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A Voice from the Street: Meet Andy

January 06, 2016

Andy is 26 and has been homeless for seven years.

There’s a story behind every person without a home: After a shower and something to eat, Andy says he’s ready to share his.

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100-year old Wood's Homes alumnus passes away, leaving fond memories of founders

March 23, 2015

Hilda McCartney lived at Wood’s Homes in the early 1900s when it was an orphanage. Hilda passed away at the age of 100, on February 9, 2015.

Dozens of alumni visited Wood’s Homes in 2014 to help us celebrate our 100th anniversary. Accompanied by her son Jim, Hilda came early last summer to tour our newly revitalized Bowness campus – Hilda’s home for many years.  Sylvia MacIver, Communications Manager helped tour Hilda and her son, and visited with her on a couple of other occasions. Here are a few of Hilda’s cherished memories that she shared with us.

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