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Wood’s Homes Heroes: Sobeys Inc. and their Team

April 29, 2020
By Karolina Ciezar and Corinne Nelson, Wood's Homes staff
Wood’s Homes Heroes: Sobeys Inc. and their Team

This week, we send a special “thank you” to Sobeys Inc.! Sobeys Inc. is a generous donor to the Youth in Culinary Arts Program (YCAP), which provides hands-on culinary training to vulnerable and at-risk youth in Calgary. There are many different scenarios that bring a young person to Wood’s Homes for help. Young people who join YCAP often face multiple barriers and lack employability skills due to mental health issues, trauma and a multitude of other challenges. In 2019, because of the support of donors like Sobeys Inc., YCAP was able to help 56 young men and women develop life skills, discover their talents, and build a network of support.

For years, the incredible team at Sobeys Inc. has been supporting children, youth and families at Wood’s Homes. Staff have been busy baking and selling treats at bake sales. They have collected gifts for families over the Christmas holidays. They have welcomed YCAP and our young people to their annual Farmers Market over the holidays, providing an opportunity for youth to share their cooking skills and baked goods with the public and raise much-needed funds in support of the program. The team at Sobeys Inc. has always been more than welcoming –and always arrive with an appetite, eager to try the many dishes served by YCAP students! Thanks to Sobeys Inc. and their dedicated, generous employees, YCAP students know someone is invested in their success.

In light of the current pandemic, like many programs and organizations, YCAP has adapted for the wellbeing and safety of our community. Although in-person culinary classes are paused, YCAP staff continue to support young people remotely and over the phone – offering advice, mental health support, and a listening ear. Although there are no students in the kitchen, their “can do” attitudes have inspired our Inglewood staff to continue cooking and preparing meals for vulnerable members of our community. Wood’s Homes has been delivering meals to seniors in our neighbourhood, who have always welcomed us and our young people. They have also been preparing meals for children and families in our other programs, such as New Horizon. What a great opportunity to share the famous YCAP butter chicken!

And of course – where there is a problem, Sobeys Inc. is quick to help us solve it. As the impact of COVID-19 began to ripple through our organization, many families that we work with began to struggle with food security. They didn’t have food to put on their tables. But as soon as Sobeys Inc. heard the news, they stepped up – donating more than $25,000 worth of food hampers for families!

At Wood’s Homes, Sobeys Inc. and their employees have always been heroes – but today more than ever, their team deserves a special round of *virtual applause*. Thank you to all the employees who keep our grocery stores shelves stocked, who show up to work in a time of fear, who put aside their own worries to help make sure their neighbours have what they need. Your gestures at work - and in support of the community – are not unnoticed. Wood’s Homes is honoured to work with a corporate partner that is so passionate and committed to the well-being of children, youth and families. Thank you to Sobeys Inc. and your entire team!