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Top 10 principles of Wood's Homes

February 25, 2015
By Dr. Jane Matheson, Wood's Homes CEO
Top 10 principles of Wood's Homes

You may be wondering who is Wood’s Homes? What do they do? Build houses? How did they manage to stay alive and thriving for 101 years? Who uses Wood’s Homes’ services, and what do they stand for? What is their philosophy? Some of these questions can be answered by visiting the information on this site. Here, meanwhile, are the Top 10 Principles of Wood’s Homes.

  1. We Never Give Up on anyone or anything even when a problem might seem too daunting. We Never Say No to someone who needs us and We Never Turn Anyone Away who is in need of service or help.
  2. We forgive mistakes and teach others how to do this, too.
  3. We take responsibility for our actions.
  4. We appreciate differences, not just tolerate or accept them.
  5. We do not harbor resentment or keep unfinished business alive.
  6. We humbly show up, tell the truth with compassion, and give up trying to control the outcome as much as we can.
  7. We strive for excellence, work well with others and lead by example.
  8. We ask for help, help others to do the same and refrain from giving advice that is unrequested.
  9. We stand up for children with troubles, and the families who love them.
  10. We honour and take heed from the past while we plan for the future.