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The holidays are near which means The Santa Project is here!

November 02, 2016
By Lara Shannon, Community Engagement Coordinator, Wood's Homes
The holidays are near which means The Santa Project is here!

The holidays can be an especially stressful time for the youth and families we work with at Wood’s Homes, as many face increased financial challenges during the winter months. We invite you to help share a little comfort and joy for those in need this holiday season by sponsoring a youth or family, donating gift cards, bus passes, etc., and/or making a cash donation to support the overall project.

Here are just a few stories of some of the youth and families that you can help support this holiday season:

“Sydney* came to Wood’s Homes a number of years ago with much trauma in her life after the passing of both her mother and father. Wood’s Homes has since been a big influence in her life and we see her as one of our longstanding 'children'. We've watched her grow through struggles and triumphs, and have recently learned Sydney is pregnant! Although somewhat overwhelmed by the situation, she is happy and comforted knowing that we are here to support her.”

“Natalie* lives with her two sons, Jonathan and Ben, and tries her very best to provide for all of their basic and emotional needs. She and Jonathan experienced years of physical and emotional abuse from Jonathan's father and, as a result, Jonathan has developed many behavioural issues, anxiety and fears. Natalie has a developmental disability which has caused some challenges in her parenting. She always has the best interest of her children at heart and  reaches out to the community for help when she needs it. This family struggles financially and would love a little help this holiday season to ensure that everyone has something under the tree.”

"Ethan's* family, a family of five, has faced many difficulties and have accessed a number of Wood's Homes programs over the years. Ethan's father left shortly after the youngest sibling was born and they've had no contact with him since then. Currently, Ethan's grandmother lives with the family to help support them and Ethan attends specialized schooling due to his mental health. Three years ago, tragedy struck the family when one of Ethan's sisters passed away from a tragic home accident. Since then, the family has struggled to make ends meet. Ethan's mother is unable to work due to her medical issues, but spends most of her time caring for her children and doing her best to ensure their needs are met. This family would enjoy some help bringing joy to their home over the holiday season."

For more information or to get involved with The Santa Project, visit our website.

*Please note: Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.