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My volunteer journey at Wood’s Homes

April 24, 2020
By Dan Carter, Wood's Homes Board Member
My volunteer journey at Wood’s Homes

I first heard about Wood’s Homes six years ago. My initial knowledge of Wood’s Homes came from a more personal level. A family member had a mental health crisis and needed immediate help. We walked into Eastside Family Centre and that was the beginning of my journey at Wood’s Homes.

We were relatively new to the country and unaware of how the medical systems works. I was truly impressed by the level of service and support from Eastside Family Centre. I liked what I saw and experienced. I remember thinking that I really wanted to help this organization thrive, so I decided to volunteer at various events. More volunteer opportunities came about as I networked and met former Chairs at those events. I volunteered on two committees and now I’m on the Board. It was a very natural evolution.

I remember being so blown away by Jane when I first met her. I’ve had many great conversations with her. Her depth of knowledge and expertise about all elements of the organization was top-notch! Wood’s Homes is focused, it’s innovative and I think that the aspect of research is imperative to its success.

From my earliest engagement at Eastside Family Centre, I wanted to give my time and skills to Wood’s Homes. I never realized that I would receive so much more than I give. I learn so much. The staff, leaders, and the volunteers that I’ve met and worked with are the best! I give one thing and I get back five. Service is a huge part of that.

I come across new, incredible stories of success every single time I engage at an event or a meeting. The organization is much larger and more complex than I could ever imagine. The number and depth of programs and services is amazing. And the sheer number of clients that Wood’s Homes supports is a testament to the commitment of the staff and volunteers.

When I look back at the last six years, I realize that this agency has been such a big part of my life. Being able to step away from my professional and personal life to dedicate my time to Wood’s Homes is something that I am very proud of. Service is at the core of who I am.

Volunteering at Wood’s Homes is rewarding and everyone should do it! You may think that you’re putting in work, but what you receive is beyond what your time and talents can offer.