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How to educate your children on rainy days

June 12, 2018
By Jenny Wise, specialhomeeducator.com
How to educate your children on rainy days

Rainy days can be a letdown for our children. Those long hours stuck inside can easily cause restlessness and boredom. Fortunately, the internet is here to help. Thanks to kid-friendly websites, you can easily create fun activities that can keep your children educated and entertained no matter the weather.

Harness Their Passions

When children are passionate, they are more likely to be motivated to learn. Are they in love with astronomy or history? Do they have a favorite sports team? If your children have interests and hobbies, there is the opportunity to adapt lesson plans to make them more appealing. The internet has plenty of dedicated websites that can support your lessons in a safe environment. Because of this, the way you can teach your children can be quite diverse. You can use video tutorials, interactive games, and other visual aids to explore a variety of subjects. Many of these lessons can be combined with other forms of creative learning, such as drawing and music. This can really stimulate a child's imagination and create a positive experience of learning at home.

Make Science Fun

At first glance, science may not seem like a platform for educational fun. However, simple science experiments are entertaining and educational, and they help develop imagination and critical thinking. They are highly interactive and can break any tedium your children may deal with while cooped up inside. As with any practical science experiment, it's important to take precautions, so be sure everyone wears goggles and gloves. There are many experimental activities that your children may explore. This tangible form of visual learning is a great educational tool and may create as many memories as they do educational opportunities.

Learn About Nature

Most children adore animals. No matter what species, whether they are small or furless, their appeal can be strong. Dogs, in particular, hold a special place in the heart of many kids. They're a great tool to engage children of all ages that allows them to learn about subjects that may otherwise be unappealing. Dog-themed educational videos can serve as the foundation for lesson plans that can help kids learn to count, memorize, and explore creatively. If you have a dog, it's also a great way to introduce your children to how they behave and how to care for them. There are numerous websites, not to mention kid-friendly YouTube channels, that can provide you with the necessary resources to develop themed lesson plans. You may even complement the appeal of dogs with other species to help connect them to the wider world.

Stay Active

Exercise may not be something kids enjoy, but it's a great outlet for their bubbling energy while stuck indoors. When some children become very restless, it can be a recipe for mayhem. YouTube is a great resource for kid-friendly exercise tutorials. There are options for all age groups, with content that is accessible and engaging and, most importantly, safe. These channels offer different types of gentle exercise, including yoga and dancing, and make use of fun songs and entertaining characters. The routines are designed to be easy to learn, and some can be silly, but don't hesitate to take part alongside your children to make it a true family experience. At the end of the day, you may find your children are a little less antsy. Better still, their mood may be improved and their appreciation for physical activity could increase.

Some child find learning to be a chore, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, on rainy -- or sunny -- days, you may be able to transform learning into a genuinely fun experience. By focusing on entertaining ways to educate, you may find that your children will not only love to learn but look forward to doing so in their own homes.