Indigenous Initiatives

Indigenous Protocols

We are respectful of traditional ways of being. Wood's Homes Manager of Indigenous Initiatives and Indigenous Liaison supports the agency with proper protocols.

Approaching Elders and knowledge keepers

We acknowledge the many steps that have been taken to gain cultural and traditional knowledge, the many stories, medicines, and blessings held by many Elders and Knowledge Keepers. We continuously listen to find the most appropriate ways of walking along many Indigenous children, youth, and families. Our community has been blessed to have access to ceremony and our collective knowledge continues to grow.  

Land Acknowledgements

Wood's Homes is situated on the lands of a few territories, Treaty 7, Treaty 6, and Treaty 8, we acknowledge the commitment made by many Indigenous Nations to take care of creator's gift. The many Nations in these territories have unique ways in which they celebrate creator's gifts, and we continue to create space to learn about the strength each nation holds for their communities.

"This knowledge is held in the creation stories of many nations, how creator sent the Thunderbird to bring that spark of life into all things. The Rock, water, deer, beaver, moose, tree, worms, ants, eagle, crows, all creation has a spirit, that spark of life, they are our helpers, and it is our job to care for them as a people so the many generations ahead of us can have these special gifts." 


Wood's Homes is proud of the Indigenous staff who are working with us. Our Indigenous Initiatives team continues to guide our community in connection to communities, Elders, Knowledge Keepers and families. For more information, please contact