Indigenous Initiatives

Indigenous Ceremony

Indigenous ceremony is a sacred way of connecting with the Creator, ceremonies and traditional teachings are shared by respected Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers. This knowledge strengthens our relationship with all of creation. We deepen our understanding of our purpose and direction in life, in our families, in our nations, and in our communities.  

The blessings of knowledge and connection exists with the understanding that children and youth seek out the connection to the teachings through Elders. "Elders are connected to the spirit of the child, the child is connected to the spirit of our Elders. Bringing them together to support connection, knowledge, and blessings is our shared responsibility." 

Many different programs within Wood's Homes have found connection, strength, and healing through ceremonies, dance, songs, feasts, gatherings, language, and knowledge passed down from Elders and Knowledge Keepers.


Our focus on the strengths of the child, youth, family and community guides us to use an integrated approach to supporting in both clinical and cultural approaches.  

When connecting, supporting, and being with Indigenous children, youth, and families, we adopt trauma-informed approaches, and continually learn from and build relationships with Elders and Knowledge Keepers to respectfully integrate ceremony, healing practices, treatment and therapy.