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Community-based Therapeutic Services & Next Steps

Our Community-based Therapeutic Services & Next Steps programs are designed to help young people transition into the next steps of adulthood, which may involve transitioning into the Adult Service System or into community living. These programs are located within the community and meet the unique needs of youth who require more intensive services than a family setting, but less intensive than residential treatment. Support and assistance with life-skills development eases the transition into adulthood, while building confidence and independence.

Altadore is a program for males ages 14-17, who are challenged with issues such as neglect, abuse and family disconnect. Learn more >>


This program provides a 3-month safe refuge for children who are behaviourally at-risk and have broken down, or are at risk of breaking down their current placements. Learn more >>


This residential program (which operates in 2 locations) provides a highly supported, family-like setting where youth ages 16-18, learn life skills, self-management and independence under clinical supervision. Learn more >>


This program supports a 'wrap around service' for adolescents aged 14-18 to support them with successful transition into the community and eventually for them to live as independently as possible. Learn more >>

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