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Specialized Learning Centres & Programs

Our Learning Centres offer opportunities for achieving academic, social, and emotional success to young people and families who have had previous unsuccessful school experiences and have lost, or are at risk of losing, their community school placement.

These young people present at-risk behaviours related to various occurrences of misfortune and maltreatment experienced in early childhood, including:

  • Depression and other psycho-social disorders
  • Suicide or self-harming behaviours
  • Physically and sexually aggressive behaviours
  • Drug and alcohol addictions
  • Difficulties relating to peer groups
  • Struggle with family attachment
  • Behaviours ranging from severe acting out to passive resistance

We work in four schools, where we focus on creating an environment that encourages young people to learn through capacity-building in academics, increased wellness, a strengthened sense of citizenship, and connection between and among peers, family, school and the community.

All of our learning centres offer small class size, low student-teacher ratio and School Support Counselors in every classroom. Clinical support (individual, group and in-home) that suits the needs of the student and family is also available.

Note: all students who participate in any of the Wood's Homes’ School Based Treatment and Learning Resources Programs are given a Code 42 or Code 44 designation (Severe Disability Designation-Behaviour) by either the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Separate School District. This designation is directly related to qualification for funding by Alberta Learning.


Specialized Learning Centres & Programs:

In partnership with the Calgary Board of Education, Wood’s Homes staff works with children (3-12) who exhibit severe emotional and behavioural difficulties in their schools, communities and homes. Learn More »


Specialized learning for young people (11-18) in residence on our Bowness campus. Learn More »


Starting Points provides support to approximately 50 elementary aged students by offering modified in home support, connections to community and counseling.Learn More »


Specialized learning for young people (11-18) from the community, or in residence on our Parkdale campus. Learn More »

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