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Collaborative Service Delivery

In partnership with Alberta Children’s Services, Collaborative Service Delivery (CSD) is just how it sounds - it shifts the focus from services provided to the desired results of those services. Presently, agencies report on the services they provide to children and families in care. Under the CSD model, they report on the difference the service made. It might be, for example, a decrease in the amount of time a child is in care, or an increase in the number of children who have found permanent placement.

Wood’s Homes’ was accepted as the Lead Agency for CSD in Calgary, and implementation began in July 2009 at our Forest Lawn location. Our Lethbridge location opened in November 2010.

Family Support Network (Calgary) and Family Connections (Lethbridge) utilize this new way of delivering services definitive focus on collaborative approaches to interventions.

Since the 2009/10 fiscal year, all Child and Family Services Authorities in Alberta have been working with contracted agencies on a phase-in implementation plan. There are approximately 16 worksites in eight regions now working under this new model. 

Service Delivery Expectations:

  1. Improved outcomes for troubled children and their families.
  2. Shared accountability for outcomes will drive practice.
  3. Team-based, decision making and case management.
  4. Fewer, more coordinated services with less gaps.
  5. Inefficiencies will become more obvious sooner and action to change practices will be more responsive.
  6. Shared commitment to developing continuity of care, meaningful results and communication across systems, integrating services across systems and addressing service gaps.

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