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The Stabilization Program provides quick access, no-fee crisis services for families with adolescents who are experiencing serious family crises. The program provides a temporary placement (3 to 5 days) for adolescents (males and females ages 12-17) and daily mediated family visits in order to stabilize the crisis situation. Typical family crisis may center on family conflict, behaviour management problems, school difficulties, substance abuse, aggression, running away, or suicidal ideation/ self-harm. At discharge, families are offered one to three follow-up visits with a Family Support Counsellor to consolidate the work they have started while the youth was in the program and to help families feel more confident in their abilities to manage crisis situations in the future.

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including youth and family counsellors, therapists, nurses, psychiatrists, school support counselors, and teachers, work with both the young person and the family to facilitate more productive ways of interacting and managing conflicts, developing additional coping skills, and enhanced communication strategies. The program also advocates for – and links families to – appropriate community services in order to sustain and support healthy family interaction. A specialized school setting is available for continued academic attendance and to develop strategies to support success in the young person's community school placement.

The program also offers a 30-day assessment for adolescents with Child and Family Services involvement in order to provide recommendations and viable options for future placement. Assessment information is gathered by obtaining relevant history, current day to day observation of the adolescent, purposeful individualized behavioural interventions, interpersonal interactions, and therapy sessions. The assessment process identifies individual and family needs in the areas of school, community, behavioural support, culture, recreation, and medical/psychiatric issues. 


The Wood’s Homes Stabilization Program provides:

  • 24-hour supervision within a therapeutic residential facility.
  • 1:4 staff to client ratio during waking hours with a 24-hour on-call backup.
  • Clinical services that are specific to the needs of the young person, their family and their community
  • Observational assessment related to adolescent and family functioning
  • Mediated family meetings
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Psychiatric assessment, consultation, medication review, and monitoring where indicated (only available for 30 day assessment youth)
  • Pediatric referral, nursing services and monitoring of health issues
  • Clinical consultation and support to families regarding case planning
  • In-home follow up support after discharge
  • Access to specialized on-site educational services


The Community Resource Team at Wood’s Homes (CRT) is the primary referral source, as they identify families who require intensive crisis placement for their adolescents. CRT represents the least intrusive service ranging from phone conversations to home visits. When the assessment of the crisis reveals the family requires more intrusive interventions, CRT makes a referral to the Stabilization Program.

Intakes and Referrals

Within Calgary:

If you are a parent or caregiver seeking support and guidance regarding a child or youth, or if you are looking for information about Intake and Referrals to a residential program, please call our Community Resource Team at 403-299-9699.

Outside Calgary:

If you are a parent or caregiver seeking support and guidance regarding a child or youth, or if you are looking for information about Intake and Referrals to a residential program, please contact our National Intake Co-ordinator (info below). You are also welcome to complete the referral package found at the link below. It can be faxed or emailed.

Intake Co-ordinator: Esther Groen

Phone: 403-247-7115
Fax: 403-286-0878
Email: Esther.Groen@woodshomes.ca

Parkdale Campus
805 37 St. NW
Calgary, AB  T2N 4N8

Click here to download our Referral/Intake Package

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