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Campus-Based Mental Health Programs

Wood’s Homes campus-based mental health programs are designed to assess and stabilize children and youth with serious emotional and behavioural problems.

The main objective is to reunite families within their communities as quickly as possible.

Children, youth and families receiving these mental health services have a unique configuration of treatment needs, which often have not been met in community programs and/or their acute risk requires a higher level of treatment to maintain safety.

Our programs are highly structured and supervised - children live in a home with trained staff that are available 24/7, with clinicians and after-hours crisis supports. The children adhere to a daily schedule, participate in activities, and participate in behavioural treatment and safety plans. Each program is specialized in its trauma-informed mental health focus and utilizes evidence-based approaches.

Each campus-based mental health program provides:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of risk and therapeutic need
  • On-site tailored educational support
  • An individualized trauma-informed treatment plan
  • Individual and family therapeutic supports
  • Psychiatric and nursing care
  • Non-violent and predictable ways to help children and youth with emotional and behavioural issues
  • Ways for family and community to participate in treatment


Bowness Campus-Based Mental Health Programs:

Intensive, individualized mental health treatment for young people with serious, complicated and often mysterious mental illnesses. Learn More/Video »


Designed for youth with Children’s Services status, who display violence and substance abuse with a history of placement breakdowns and complex maltreatment issues. Learn More »


Addresses sexually intrusive behaviour of male youth, by providing an ecological, competency-based model of intensive treatment that is closely linked with the young person's family and community. Learn More/Video »


Provides assessment of young people who have been impacted by trauma and are subsequently having difficulties managing emotional triggers, emotional regulation and their behaviours. Learn More »


The Whole Family Treatment Program, at the Vermilion Energy Family Centre, is an intense, short term program for families living in Calgary, Alberta, and across the country.Learn More »




Parkdale Campus-Based Mental Health Programs:


The Community Psychiatric Unit provides short-term (7-14 days) care for children (12-17 years) focused on the management and stabilization of acute mental health needs. Learn More »


A short-term program for children ages 12-17 with serious biological, psycho-social, and emotional problems. Learn More »


Short-term intervention, treatment and counselling for children ages 6-12 with severe behavioural needs. Learn More »


Supports families and adolescents in serious crisis by providing a 3-5 day residential placement in conjunction with solution-focused family therapy. Learn More »


Provides a step-down service for youth and their families who are exiting acute inpatient mental health settings or formal treatment environments.Learn More »

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