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Home Connections

Calgary, Canmore and Strathmore

Home Connections is a family support program that provides culturally-sensitive services for children, youth and families in their home, school and community settings.

This in-home support program works with children up to the age of 18 and offers family-centred support to help family members improve relationships. This often enables children and family members to remain safely together or to facilitate a child's return home from a community placement.

This program also addresses the multiple issues that can impact a child’s functioning. The primary aim is to enhance individual and family competencies and promote the healthy growth, development, and well-being of all family members. Goals regularly reviewed; pre- and post-measures are used to assess family progress. This is achieved by offering parent training on healthy and effective parenting techniques, addressing relational issues as well as behavioural issues and linking families to community supports.

Families are referred to this program via Calgary and Area Child and Family Services. Families in Calgary, Canmore and Strathmore can also access services directly through self- referrals or community referrals.


Calgary - (403) 270-5696

Canmore - (403) 678-9484

Strathmore - (403) 934-1784

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