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The alumni of Wood's Homes are an important part of the enduring legacy of the work we have done over the past 100 years. This was on full display during our 100th Anniversary Homecoming in June of 2014. Approximately 150 alumni joined us to share stories, reminisce and learn about the work of Wood's Homes today and our hopes for the future. 

No matter when you may have passed through our gates, we hope you enjoy this page, and will keep in touch for years to come. 

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A Thank You Letter from our CEO, Dr. Jane Matheson:

Dear Friends;

All of us here were thrilled with the turnout at the 100th Anniversary Homecoming in late June of 2014.  It was our great pleasure to host each and every one of you during our events. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and know that you are always welcome to stop by for a visit.

The Homecoming was an important occasion for many reasons, not the least of which was to acknowledge the many years our alumni spent in the care of Reverend George and Annie Wood at Wood’s Christian Home.  Secondly, it provided great opportunity for us to not only share in the reminiscing of your stories, but also to remind ourselves just how much we can learn from our past.

We had approximately 150 alumni attend – one from as far away as Queensland, Australia – who even made CTV National News!

Wood’s Homes has grown into a nationally recognized organization with more than 500 staff and volunteers. We have 35 programs and services in locations throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories.  This growth gives us reason to pause. On the one hand we are thankful to be providing help to about 20,000 children and families every year. On the other, it is obvious that the need for help is never-ending.

We have created this page on our website just for our alumni. This area provides a link to the video created by Frank Dwyer (who shared it during the Homecoming).

Also on this page is the July issue of our internal newsletter. We thought you might like to read how we communicated your stories to our staff and Board members. If you see yourself in the photo of alumni gathered at the gates of the original orphanage in Bowness, and would like a copy, please let us know by calling 403-270-1768.  If you would like to regularly receive our newsletters and/or invitations to events, please email Sylvia MacIver at: sylvia.maciver@woodshomes.ca

Thank you so much for attending our gathering. Please stay in touch.

Kindest Regards,

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Dr. Jane Matheson
CEO, Wood's Homes

July 2014 Newsletter about Alumni


Memorial Plaque Established for Mary Porter & Family

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When his wife passed away and he was called into war, soldier Bob Porter approached Reverend George Wood to take care of his children. This was the first time Wood’s Homes helped children in need, and since, has helped thousands of children, youth and families every year for the past century.

As a tribute to Mary Elizabeth Porter and her family, the Foundation generously agreed to sponsor a memorial plaque for Mary at the cemetery in Innisfail. The idea was suggested by Frank Dwyer, alumni of Wood’s Homes, during the Homecoming reunion in June, 2014.

The memorial is located in the Innisfail Cemetery at Lot 8, Block E.

Should you be interested in visiting, maps are available at the town office (call 403-227-3376).

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