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Success Stories

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The legacy of Wood's Homes lives in the literally tens of thousands of young people and their families who have come and gone through our gates. These are just a few of the many stories of hope and healing. Please be assured that all names are kept strictly confidential, and no photos of actual clients appear on this site.



Lisa's Story

"I was from an upper middle class family. Bad things like drugs and prostitution didn't happen to good girls like me. How wrong I was..." Learn more >>

Jason's Story

"I came to Wood's Homes in September of 2004, I was very angry all the time and I had givin up on everything..." Learn more >>

The Fire

One cold December, a 14 year old girl with Fetal Alcohol symptoms and multiple incidents of violence and abandonment in her short life, set a fire under the pillow of one of her housemates. Learn more >>

Dillon's Story

Dillon came to Wood's at the age of 12, to the Family Focus Program.  He was a VERY troubled child, and his mother Grace was at her wit's end. She was a single parent with a younger son Michael, age 10 who was also giving her difficulties. Learn more >>

David's Story

"I grew up in Jasper, with my younger brother and my mom and dad.  Things were going all right for a few years, but then my parents got involved in the drug scene up there." Learn more >>

We would love to hear your success story and how Wood's Homes helped you. Please email us at: askus@woodshomes.ca

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