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About Us

We Never Say No. We Never Give Up. We Never Turn Anyone Away.

Wood’s Homes is a multi-service, non-profit children’s mental health centre based in Calgary. Our over 550 staff and volunteers help provide 40+ programs and services for 20,000 children and their families each year in Calgary, Lethbridge, Canmore, Strathmore, Fort McMurray and Fort Smith, N.W.T.

Rich in history, we are a place of caring and trust. A place you can turn to for help when you don't know what else to do or when you have nowhere else to turn.

Founded as an orphanage in 1914 by Reverend George Wood, Wood’s Homes is today recognized across Canada for its innovative services, some of which were the first in Canada. We are very proud of our Research Department (which began in 2001) as very few non-profits conduct their own research. Wood's Homes is widely recognized as a knowledge and training centre in the field of children's mental health.

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Our Vision:

Nationally and locally known as a children’s mental health centre that is always there to help and never gives up on children, youth, young adults and families.

Our Mission:

Promote and assist the development and well-being of children, youth and families within their community.

Our Values:

Wood’s Homes values human beings and the place they occupy in the world
at any given moment. In doing so, the organization upholds the following
principles and is guided by them in all of its moment-by-moment interactions:

Commitment - An unwavering persistence even in the most difficult situations, guided by a call to service and expectations of excellence.

Respect - An appreciation of differences and cultural diversity and a belief in the inherent good of each and every individual. 

Belonging - Acceptance and encouragement of the very basic human need to be connected with others and the development of a collective and inclusive organizational culture.

Responsibility - Combining the courage to be accountable with the power of vulnerability and forgiveness.

Leadership - Strive for excellence, work with others and lead by example.

Trustworthiness - Tell the truth with compassion; be honest, open and dependable.

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